Old Computers and Parts     

I have a garage full of old computer parts.
Lots of cards and parts for the old IBM PC/XT series computers, as well as some motherboards, boxes, and equipment for 286 to 486 series intel based computers. I also have a very limited amount of old MacIntosh equipment.   Why mention this, you ask?  Who wants it, you ask? Well, truth to tell, not many people. But there are some. I have read requests from people this year asking for parts for IBM XT series computers - those are 1980 vintage machines - to use as CGA game machines. So there is a niche, or need, for old computer stuff. Albeit a very small one.

I used to provide organized lists of all my old computer parts.   But due to lack of demand, I won't be making such organized lists any more. (Perhaps I would have more demand if I bothered to post advertisements on the newsgroups. But as I said, this is old garage stuff, very low priority.)  I will include here some of the lists I wrote up before for old stuff that I've still got around.

If you are looking for parts for vintage computer systems, PC or Mac; or if you would be interested in having such a computer, then send me E-mail and tell me what you are looking for, and I'll tell you if I have it. My E-mail is:   rhyader@surfari.net

Below are links to such lists of old computer stuff as I have lists for. Don't assume I don't have something if it's not listed.

In General :

I have motherboards and lots of cards for IBM PC/XT computers. I have memory cards for 286 and 386 type computers. I have some 486 motherboards and processors - 486-DX-33's to 486-DX-66's. I have a few older SIMMs and SIPPs, and some old 1-meg MacIntosh (non-parity) SIMMs suitable for Mac SE's. I have one SCSI drive for an old Mac (40 megs) and several 20 to 70 meg MFM/RLL drives for old PC computers. (suitable for IBM PC/XT). I have a lot of assorted cables, ports, and boxes for old computers.

In Specific :

Select the links below. I will make all of these pages plain-text-only pages, of the dull type suitable for Lynx. Why? Because someone who is looking for parts for old computers might be using an old computer; that's why. 8)

I also have an old spiffy-nifty looking index that was in the previous version of my webpages, when these lists were more complete. I included this in my new version webpages too, as an example of a spiffy looking index. If you want to use the spiffy-looking index to my old computer stuff, select the "Spiffy" link below.

Lists :

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