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What do I do business-wise ?
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My real name is Chris Wilcher,  and I'm involved with computers, mainly.
I've been a computer technician and a webpage writer. I have also done laboratory work in Geology and studied Geology. I am currently what they refer to in the vernacular as "between jobs"  ( meaning that I'm not employed right now. )

What I want to do...

I'd like to find a job in which I can use my computer skills. Computer tech work, or webpage writing, preferably. I am working towards this goal by taking the webmaster certificate program at Cuesta College, and with my own independent studies.

What can I do, and have I done ?

I am, or have been, a Computer Technician.  I have sold old computer parts and repaired computers from my garage workshop. I've done PC hardware work: diagnosing and fixing old computers, upgrading computers, and building new ones. I've done this type of work in my garage for my own clients, and with a local computer entrepreneur, and in a computer store for my employer's customers. I sold and/or worked on computers in two local computer stores, and helped customers solve their computer problems.

I've had a lot of experience with computers.

My experience is mainly with hardware rather than software. But there isn't any program I can't learn adequately in a week or less.

I started on mainframes and mini-computers, such as IBM, ComputerVision and Digital PDP's and Vax's. In the distant past I  made drawings on the ComputerVision system, and used AutoCad (version 11) on PC microcomputers. I got into microcomputers (what people call "computers" these days) with the IBM-PC.

I'm mostly an IBM-PC-clone type person. I know a little more than the average user about Microsoft Windows, and I use it on my PC computers here. I also MacIntosh. I like Mac's. My ancient Mac SE's here run system 7. And I've even done minor repairs on it too: replacing drives and chips. I hope to learn more about Mac's, and use them more, in the future.

I know what to do with a Unix command line, and manage my personal shell account. I have run Linux at times, on and off, on some of my PC's here. I hope to learn more this year about Red Hat linux and programming CGI scripts in a linux environment.

I write webpages.

As you can see. I wrote this - my Personal Website. I also wrote two other websites, both of which are now defunct: a community/social website in SLO and a business website for a small computer sales/service business in Los Osos. I'm always interested in new opportunities and in learning more about web authoring. I can write a simple website for you. Or if I can't meet your needs, I can make suggestions and refer you to someone else.

If you are an employer and would like to make me an offer, please do. If you are a "webmaster" or HTML writer and would like to make comments about my page or plans, please do. If you want to know anything more, send me E-mail.

I intend to provide On-Line Resumè versions here. But I'm still working on updating them. And they will be password protected. This is for reasons of privacy. If you want to see my resumè, You will have to send me E-mail, and I will reply with the password. This helps me be sure that only people who are legitimately interested are reading this information. Also, I would be interested in any reasonable offer for work, including lab work.

Old Computers ...

If you are in need of parts for old computers,  I may be able to help you. (Don't scoff - I've read posts in newsgroups in 1999 by people looking for parts for 80's computers. It's a very small need, but it does exist.)  If you are looking for old computers, or for parts for old computers, then select the "old computers" link below.

And if you have an old computer that you would like to get rid of, or old parts you would throw away anyway, I may be interested in taking them off your hands. I'd want any 32-bit boards or chips (386 and later) and any SIMMs or other memory modules.

So ... 

If any of this interests you, or you would like to make any comments or suggestions to me, please send me E-mail. Also see my Contacts page for my address and other ways of contacting me. You may use the links below for my contacts, resumè, and old computers pages.

Links ... 

The links below are badly in need of being updated. That will be my next thing-to-do here.

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