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As I begin to write a page on my "Family and Friends", it occurs to me that I have already covered this. In my "Pictures" section I have pictures of some of my family and friends; and in my "Web Links" page I have links to their web resources (for those who have something to link to). So this page will be a summary of links to these pictures and links, with some additional comments.
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My Families

I was born in Charleston, South Carolina. And raised there. My families are: the Wilchers, Dunnings, Sauls, Blockers. (From my paternal and maternal grandfathers and grandmothers.) Most of my relatives live in South Carolina. My Grandfather's family comes from Georgia. I'm related to Dunnings in Massachusetts. My Dad moved to California, and us California Wilchers are, well, in California. Except for Bonnie who moved to Massachusetts.  Anyway...

In my pictures section I have pictures of me with my Mother and Grandmother in Charleston.
I also have pictures of our "California" Wilcher family: Me, Dad, Carol my stepmother, and sisters Ginny, Bonnie, and Nancy. Ginny is married to Dan Machak: and I have a niece and nephew: Laurel and Nathan Machak.    ( click here for pictures. )

Ginny and Dan maintain a web presence of some sort. They have a web page up for Laurel. I don't think it has been updated for quite a long time; but you can go there and see my niece's baby pictures. ( Click here for Laurel's Website. )


My Grandfather did research into the Wilcher family.
Including a trip to England to do research there and meet British Wilchers. Results of research: the family we come from originated in Germany about 600 years ago. At some point before commoners had last names, they moved to England. They acquired the name Wilshere in England. One of them managed to get himself knighted for some heroic act in a war, and so we got a Coat of Arms.  This resulted in the customary land grant from the King, who gave said Wilcher a parcel of land in the Colony of Virginia. In 1699 he sailed away to the American Colonies, taking his family to a new life in Virginia. His three sons all spelled their names different ways, and their progeny have scattered throughout the American south, and even to that distant golden island on the land known as California.


My friends are mostly geeks like me. I'll only mention the ones for whom I have a picture or internet reference. Click on the links for pictures, Web links, etc. Let's see....

The Geep ... Is a strange and very talented individual currently residing in the kingdom of Utah. I have pictures [ 1 2 ] of him.   He also has a personal webpage.  If you want to know Geep's real name, you'll have to look at his page or ask him. He is very talented with photoshop and graphical image thingys and doies.

Mike  aka. Spidy Mike, lives in Sandy Eggo.  (San Diego, California.)  See picture.

Josh  is a superintelligent Geek extrordinare who lives and programs in the Bay Area (south of San Francisco, California). He is also known as Krellan. See his picture,  and his webpage.

John Cooper  is a Geek of science and electronics and chemistry and all kinds of stuff. He lives in Paso Robles, CA.  See his pictures: [John1] [John2]

Darren Sullivan  is a very cool and talented computer graphics and web specialist, photographer, and medieval enthusiast. He lives in Amsterdam. See his picture  and  webpage.

Matt Wescom  is a professional computer geek who knows more about Windows than Bill Gates. He lives in beautiful Squire Canyon and works (and works and works and works) in San Luis Obispo, where he is a partner in a computer store: "Sav On Computers".  See his picture.

I haven't heard from Robyn in a long time. She is probably about done with her College training now and into her career as a marine biologist.

Mitch  is a very talented individual. He composes original poetry and music, and cooks.  See his picture.  I will include a poem that he wrote: Never Seen The Sun.

Bao Hoang  is an extremely talented artist, composer, engineer, and rocket scientist. Once he was Emperor of Vietnam; but since then he has taken over this planet and used it's recourses to construct his fleet of space ships, with which he then conquered the Galaxy. Of course, then, Bao built his interdimensional time-space transporter, and the rest is history. He is now " His Most Holy Highness : Bao : Emperor of Time, Space, and Dimension." He lives in Europe now, and has art expositions in Spain and France.  See my pictures of Bao , and Bao's webpage on his art .

Bob.   Bob knows everything.  Bob knows all.  Bob tells all. 
Bob is a bubbleheadedcomputergenious geek who lives and programs in the Bay Area. Bob and I both love the desert and trips. Bob and I are going to take over the world someday; and convert and fix all you incorrect infidels.  Bob will be Great Leader and I will be High Priest. Anyone who disagrees with Bob will be wrong. Anyone who disagrees with me will be evil.
Here is a  picture  of His Bobness.

David Berry  is a multitalented Geek of computers, both Mac and PC, and a big Science Fiction Geek. (Star Trek and Lost In Space, especially.) And he can fix cars too. He is currently residing in Mississippi. I have a collage of   pictures   of him. "The Berryman" is a MacIntosh expert, and had a MAC business in Memphis. He probably still does Mac work, and I reccommend him. I Don't have a picture of "The Berryman" handy, but I'll refer you to his old URL for his   Anything Mac   business.

Será más luego.

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