Actually, Koyaanisqatsi is a Hopi word.
    And a movie.
    You will probably not find "Koyaanisqatsi" in any white man's dictionary.
    Nor can it really be defined in a book anyway. The Buddhists
    and Taoists say that there is a higher kind of knowledge that cannot be
    communicated with words. I think the Hopi would agree. Koyaanisqatsi is a
    Hopi word defined as: life out of balance; un-natural life; wrong-life;
    life that calls for a change in living. In otherwords: western society.
    But to appreciate what Koyaanisqatsi really means you must watch the
    movie. You must wander the streets of Los Angeles at 3 am in a 1966
    Chevy wagon. You must visit the TransAmerica corporate headquarters.
    You must spend some time in Las Vegas. And some time talking to rich
    white capitalists that don't like welfare, public education, communists,
    niggers, faggots, heathens, wetbacks, gooks, chinks, tree-huggers,
    hippies, and weird-ass-yankees. THEN you must sleep the night on
    Panamint Lake under the full moon and see strange lights upon Telescope
    Peak. You must see green fire in the Mojave Sky at night, luminous
    clouds at 1 am, and snow clouds huddling around Red Mountain. Meet
    Coyote face-to-face; and Tortoise, Lizard and Kangaroo Rat, and find a
    bright red flower growing on the barren 550 million year old beach at
    Cadiz. Then perhaps you will stand under what it means.

- Thanks to "Rm" for the motivation to write that.