First a word of caution. I have provided links to the Mirabilis corporation's website here,
some of which are concerned with fancy ICQ functions that I never use. Please do not try to use fancy ICQ functions, such as their WWW pager, to contact ME. I use ICQ only for instant messages, delayed messages, and chat; and I'm not interested in their other stuff. I'd prefer you contact me by E-Mail, or send "offline" ICQ messages, and arrange an ICQ chat. But feel free to peruse their website if you wish and use their fancy stuff for your own purposes. That being said - here are the links...   The green buttons are for my personal information on ICQ. The yellow button is for the ICQ user pages; and the red buttons are links to Mirabilis ICQ's website.
  Clicking any of these links will take you away to the Mirabilis ICQ website.
[ go to ]   My Personal ICQ Information and Contact page    ( "Personal ICQ Communications Center" )
  ( Please don't use the fancy features here for me; I never look at them )
[ go to ]   My Personal ICQ Details    ( "Zoom Me" )
[ go to ]   ICQ Webpages    ( user pages )
[ go to ]   ICQ Corporate Webpage    ( www.icq.com )
[ go to ]   Download ICQ

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