ICQ is an internet program by Mirabilis [LTD]
See their webpages for more information.

I have the Mirabilis ICQ TM program on my computer. If you also have this program installed on your computer, you can use it to send on-line "instant messages" and chat with other users. If I am on-line, you can send me a message or request a chat. You can add users to your list of people to be noticed on-line. For more information about ICQ go look at their website. But to be honest, I almost never turn it on. I find the ICQ program to be extremely annoying when you don't want to chat. So actually if you want to talk to me via ICQ, send me an E-mail first and I'll reply, and we can set up a time. I usually turn it on only once-in-a-while to check messages; or if someone requests me to turn it on. Don't use ICQ's "www pager" for me, I never use that.   Below are buttons and links.  The "Visit my personal communications center" button will take you to the ICQ website and my contact page there.

  ICQ number 4498063
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