of my web pages are quite   dark I like it.

I like the dark, rich greens and textures. Unfortunately though, they can look even darker on your monitor than they do on mine. It could be that your color balance is darker, or your brightness is turned lower than mine. And some monitors are just darker than others. I use NEC MultiSync monitors, which technically are not "VGA"; but I don't know if that makes a difference.

Or perhaps it's the room lighting.
If you're looking at this page in the haughty glare of day, or under those harsh terrible florescent lights, then the screen probably seems really dark.
( By the way, florescent lights are bad for your soul.)

But, you see, I tend to like nocturnal hours, and do a lot of my webpage work at night. And being the strange person that I am, I sometimes like to turn off the electric lights and light my room by candles and the phosphorescent glow of the ion bombardment tube. Under these conditions, things can really come alive with rich and beautiful colors. Try it and see.  8)

You might even find that candlelight is soothing and sets a relaxing and cool mood. Some people use candles to set the mood for meditation or relaxation. It may even help you get ready for sleep.

It's also nice to go walk on the beach and pier in the evening.
The stone, the sand, the sea, the stars... the energy of the night.

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