AOL Instant Messenger

AOL Instant Messenger TM  is a program by  America On-Line (AOL)   that lets you communicate on-line with AOL users. AOL-IM is for non AOL users (like me) and enables us to exchange "instant messages" with AOL users. I am still enrolled in the AOL-IM program as  Rhyader

However  - as with ICQ - I almost never turn it on !
So I wonder why I am even putting this page here at all. I guess maybe if you happen to be an AOL user and you have a burning desire to communicate with me via AOL's Instant Messenger, then I would do so. But you'll have to send me E-mail first and ask me to turn it on.

You may click on the icon below to take you to the AOL webpage where you can learn more about the AOL Instant Messenger and download the program if you want to. I believe it is still free.
 go to AOL IM [ AOL-IM ]

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