Webpages are stored in a directory on your ISP's computer, referred to as the "Host Computer". I have created directories in which to place files so that they should be accessible to you via the web server and your web browser. Whether this will actually work or not depends on what web browser you are using. It works with Netscape. If Netscape recognizes the file as being viewable, it will attempt to display it on your screen. If not, it should ask you if you want to download the file.

I have three directories of files available on-line. These will never be large or extensive; just a few fonts and whatnot, my on-line resume, and some files I may have put up temporarily for friends to download. There will be a "public" directory, and a "private" directory, and a "resume" directory. You will need a password to access the "private" and "resume" files. (E-mail me.)


You access these by pointing your browser to the directories themselves, and then selecting a file. Choose the desired directory link below. Your browser should respond by showing you a list of the files in the directory.

If you want to see a list file with some descriptions of the files, Select (click) "file-list.htm" or "file-list.txt"
Then Use your browser's "back" button or key to go back to the directory screen.

In the directory screen use whatever convention your browser uses to select files. (click on them.) You can view a text file (.txt) by selecting (clicking) it. With most browsers a right click or a shift click will get you a menu of options, and you can choose to download a file.

You can get back here by using your browser's "back" button, or by selecting "parent directory" or ".."


Select the desired directory :

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