TextPad : the best damn text editor for Windows For a limited time, I will put my old source files for TextPad on-line.

TextPad is a superior text editor for Windows. It's what I use all the time. This version is quite old, but that doesn't matter; it's not like text editing ever changes. (This version will run on anything up to Windows 98, and I don't see why not on later Windows versions.) Textpad lets you open and view multiple text files simultaneously, and has no limit on file size. It has handy add-on features including a side panel that lets you double-click on words to add HTML tags, special character codes, and other syntax to documents. You can display files with line numbers. It has a spell checker; it lets you program keyboard macros. It has useful commands to format and change text, search and replace, and change case. If you don't like the keys for it's commands, you can change them. It can save/convert files in Windows, MacIntosh, and Unix text formats.

TextPad is, unfortunately, rather difficult to install. If you are not a computer geek, you might want to obtain the services of one. You must unzip the archive (.zip) file, including sub-directories. Then you must run textpad.exe and install it; and then go through a lot of confusing menus to configure it. It's not easy, but if you want a programmer's text editor, it's worth it. There MAY be newer versions of TextPad online; even ones that are easier to install. I really don't know. I've been using this for years and am very comfortable with it.

This version is shareware. Every so often it bugs you to "register", but there are no consequences if you don't. If you feel terribly guilty about getting something for free, you can send them money. (If the addresses are still valid.)
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These are zipped archives. To un-zip them you will need WinZip, or PKunzip.
( I have a copy of PKunzip in my public Files section.)

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(The zip file will remain in my account until I need to delete it to free up space.)

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