WELCOME TO MICROHELL : My Anti Microsoft Section.

I used to have a rather extensive "Anti Microsoft" section, including a more artistic MicroHell, with links to crash IE4; links to many anti-MS sites, and links to Linux as an alternative.

But that was the past. I am no longer quite so motivated. I have seen people who maintained user created internet groups and Linux systems wither, break up, and fade away. I have tried Linux/Unix on my PC and seen that - just like their Microsoft counterparts - the Unix programmers don't give a damn if you're not using the latest state-of-the-art computer. In fact, they are worse. They make no effort at all to make their systems comprehensible to anyone who is not already at the knowledge level of a Unix programmer, and they don't give a damn about that either. Some say they do. They lie. So if you have a PC that was made 3 or 4 years ago instead of yesterday, and you do not munch Unix and C code for breakfast, then you really have no alternative to Microsoft.

Microsoft has won.   Whatever the government does or does not do now will be irrelevant. Bill is King. He has crushed all opposition. You have already been assimilated. (Unless you're using a Mac, in which case your assimilation is not yet complete. But it will be. They won't have to pry the Mac from your cold, dead fingers. Your Mac will have Bill inside too, so it won't matter.)
There the grown serpent lies; the worm that's fled Has nature that in time will venom breed."   --  Macbeth

New Windows systems (98 and beyond) are designed to make certain non-Microsoft programs, especially Netscape, run slow. I have it on good authority that Netscape tends to "break down" on newer Windows computers, while IE causes no problems. Gee... wonder why? What a damn mystery, huh? And really, Microsoft IE has improved while Netscape has gone downhill. In the new versions, IE is faster and works better than Netscape. Though I suspect this is also by design - on the part of the Netscape people. Netscape is owned by AOL now, you know. My Netscape 4.02 runs at least 4 times as fast as the newer Netscape does on more powerful computers than mine, and I am not exaggerating. And Netscape 3, though it lacks a few artistic and special features, is for speed and practicality still superior to Netscape 4. ... or for that matter any other browser I have seen.

In fact I can't use Netscape beyond version 4.02. This is due to a bizarre and inexplicable bug of some kind. If I try any later version, it somehow fucks things up so that I can't see any local files at all. See my comments on this in my "Netscape Rant" on my Geeknotes page.  [ bizarre Netscape bug ] 

NS6 is a huge, bloated pig. You shouldn't need 64 Megs to run a web browser.
And it sucks, anyway.

So, if you are currently using a version of Netscape lower than 4.02 or 4.05 : and you need to "upgrade", I must recommend you to NOT upgrade Netscape. Get a new version of Internet Explorer instead.  Watch as it so quickly and efficiently pops up pretty advertisements on your screen. Adds things to your desktop that you didn't ask for. Get Active, so it can automatically run programs on your computer.  Without needing your consent or knowledge.  

Fun Fun. And then there's those tasty cookies. Mmmmm! Do you get a lot of junk mail after web surfing? Just a coincidence, surely. Try surfing ADULT [that's a euphemism for PORNO] sites.  Then see if you still think people aren't tracking you.

 Ha Ha!

Go ahead!
Bite the Big Apple.
Don't mind the maggots.

So I still use my old, trusty, fast Netscape. And IE 5.5 (with much suffering and doing it 4 times, you can turn off the nasty stuff). I still use autoexec.bat and it runs a little routine each time I boot the computer to search and destroy all cookies. NS4 is still more pretty than IE. But I still use NS3 too. Why? Because of an unacceptable flaw in NS4: you can't sort bookmarks. The people at Netscape know this and do not plan to ever do anything about it. I REQUIRE sorting bookmarks, so I must use NS3 for this. Fortunately Netscape, unlike IE, uses one simple file for bookmarks, so by copying the file I can use the same sorted bookmarks in both programs.

If you're doing web searches for real actual factual information - It's MUCH faster and better to use NS3 with javascript off and images off. That way you avoid the annoying advertisement banners and pop up windows which are the major use of JavaScript. Also, I've found that a website where you can't see anything at all without pictures probably doesn't contain much information anyway. And when you are looking for facts, figures, real research - it's mainly WORDS you are looking for. So turning pictures off saves time. Netscape 3 makes this easy to do, and has a "load pictures" button on the main button bar too. Newer web browsers bury the commands to turn off pictures, java, cookies, etc., way down in by-default-not-shown technical or "advanced" menus. As if only a "technician" would ever choose not to be bombarded with advertisement banners, or not allow others to track where he's been.

But all in all I can't blame them. Most of the users know absolutely nothing about what they are doing, and yet expect to get what they want out of the computer with no knowledge of it. They probably would prefer not to know that they are being tracked. They don't care. Unix people don't care. Computer manufactures don't care: they make their new computers with actual buttons to launch MICROSOFT programs. And they make them to fall apart in a year or two.


"I'll tell you what, child: you're to blame."

So Bill is King.   Because the others make him King.
You can't totally blame Bill, really. Have some sympathy for the poor persecuted devil. He's got ambition. And they're sheep, like most people.

And Me?   I'm a hypocrite too.   I use Billware on my computers.   I'm not smart enough to make much in Unix work - what few versions would run anyway on my computers.  [  Yes, I know I can run Linux 2.0 on a 386. I HAVE. The OS runs like greased lightning. Too bad they're no programs. Oh, yes, there are a lot of little pieces of shit that all look like vi or wordstar, or display insipid text characters on the screen.  ]   Setting up anything useful requires geekdom far above mine, especially X windows. And all non-X programs are worthless crap. (except for Midnight Commander). Better Unix/linux systems require better computers than mine. So I must use Billware, because I have no other choice.

Soon these Unix geeks will die out. Bill will buy their possessions. I'm sure he's already working on it. He even tried to buy Linux from Linus himself, you know. Bill buys stock in Apple. Someday Bill will own enough stock in Apple to control them too. And we know that when or if the DOJ splits up Microsoft, Bill will no longer control the biggest software company in the world - he'll control the biggest two.

Bill is Lord.

Nevertheless, I am still an Infidel. So I shall continue to have an Anti-Microsoft section on my website. I will still provide links to such good Anti MS stuff as I can find, even if it is obsolete or all of it is by Saul Whatshisface.


Why Use Netscape instead of Microsoft Internet Explorer ?

  • Netscape (3) will let you sort your bookmarks.
  • Netscape 3 News uses the same groups file as tin; so you can keep your Windows and Unix readers synchronized.
  • Netscape uses a file for bookmarks, that is easily transferable. IE uses a complicated directory structure for it's "favorites" which is difficult to export.
  • Netscape loads images by first clearing an area and then loading the image. Things line up. IE doesn't do this and things jump all over the screen as the page loads.
  • Netscape makes prettier borders.
  • Netscape lets you choose to turn cookies off.
  • Netscape's default settings are safer.
  • Internet Explorer is made by Bill. And Bill is the Antichrist. If you use Internet Explorer you will hear "Where do I want to go in you today?" every morning as Bill sharpens his pitchfork.

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