Rhyader's Old Personal Web Pages

I used to have a very extensive personal web site on-line.
But that was before I moved away from San Luis Obispo. Since then, I have been meaning to re-write the whole web site and put it back up, but I have not had the time to do all the re-writing. But I've wanted to be able to show people some of what I can do, and have done in the past. So I have decided to make my old version personal webpages available here. They will remain up until whenever I get the new version on-line. Feel free to peruse these pages... just bear in mind that they are OLD. Things will be out of date. Contact information will probably be wrong.

For my current personal and contact information see my much smaller personal website currently available at IWVISP.com :  http://www7.iwvisp.com/rhyader
For the big old web site, select the link below and ... 


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